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Original baptismal gifts, original religious and civil baptism gifts

You will soon be attending a baptism and you are looking for a very original idea to offer! A unique baptism gift like the baby who will be baptized very soon.

You do not want to offer a classic christening gift and for that you do research on the net. You are in the right place, if you are looking for a strong and unique symbolic gift that will accompany the baptized all his life.

Discover and crack for the most extraordinary baptism gift, know you star baptism. What a gift is more suitable for the baptism of a small child.

Since 1980, the International Celestial Repertory has allowed everyone in the world to baptize a star. This star baptism has quickly become an exceptional gift that thousands of people are offering around the world to celebrate an event or a unique being.

For the day of his baptism, offer this child a baptism gift that will accompany him all his life. Star Baptism is a unique and spiritual gift.

Receive an elegant gift box at home and make a sensation with your christening gift.