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Extraordinary & symbolic baptism gift, star baptism for baptism

If you do not know the star baptism and you are looking for a very special and extraordinary baptism, then take two minutes to discover what a star baptism is.

It was in 1980 that the ICR, the International Celestial Repertory, was born in the United States, the American register responsible for recording star baptisms throughout the world.

The ICR gives everyone in the world the opportunity to baptize a star in the constellation of their choice. Quickly star baptism became a gift.
A unique and exceptional gift for the one who does it as for the one who receives it.

Offering a star baptism will testify to the person who receives it how unique it is to you. It is a perfect gift to offer for the baptism of a child or a baby.
It is the only gift that will accompany the child all his life and that will symbolize attachment and your affection.
Choose the constellation that will reinforce the symbolic and personalized side of this exceptional baptism gift, for example the constellation of the zodiacal sign of the child.