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What to Offer to an Engagement

You will get engaged and you want a unique engagement gift so that your request is perfect. You already have the date of your request, the place.

All you need is an original, unique & romantic gift so that this moment is truly magical. Discover the star baptism, without a doubt the most original & romantic gift you can offer.

A gift that will at the same time be the unforgettable memory of the moment he or she said YES. Thanks to the star baptism you can relive every evening this wonderful moment,
Simply by looking up at your star.

Choose the name of your star, the constellation in which you want it to be and the date of your baptism, so that this gift is even more personalized
You can choose the date of your engagement request.

Quickly receive an elegant gift containing your star’s certificate as well as a map of your constellation allowing you to locate very simply
Your star.

A unique, rare & romantic engagement gift that will touch the heart of the person you love.