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What to offer for engagement, engagement gift ideas

You are in love and you want to ask for the love of your life, you still do not know what to offer to accompany that moment you want a
Moment of pure magic.

And if you discovered the most romantic gift to offer for an engagement. Star Baptism Since its creation in 1980, the most romantic gift
That thousands of people offer each year to immortalize a unique moment, such as a wedding or a betrothal.

Since 1980, the International Celestial Repertory allows anyone in the world to baptize a star in the constellation of his choice; Following this baptism
You will receive a certificate of baptism from your star in an elegant gift box. Your gift will perfectly accompany your request for engagement and
Will be the perfect memory of this memorable day.

By baptizing a star in the name of your love you witness with force and symbolism the power of your love and the eternity of your commitment.

An engagement gift that will touch your love in the heart.