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Not always simple to know what gift to offer for a baptism, if you do not know what to offer at a baptism, then discover the most important baptism gift
Original of the world and mark forever the day so special that is the baptism of this child or this baby. proposes to you to baptise a star and to offer this baptism of star at the ceremony of baptism to which you will attend.

What is the baptism of a star? It was in 1980 that the American register ICR was created in order to allow each person to be able to baptize a real
Star in the sky.

Simply choose the constellation in which your star will be located, choose the name of your star and the date of your baptism. Home
Your Star Baptism Certificate which includes the astronomical coordinates of your star and a map of the constellation so that you can Easily locate it.

Offering a star baptism is undoubtedly the most original baptismal gift you can offer and certainly the greatest proof of love You can testify.

Be sure that the gift of baptism you are going to offer will accompany this child all his life. When he raises his eyes to heaven to see his star, he will know How unique it is for you.