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You wish to offer a symbolic gift for a baptism but you have not yet found the great gift idea that will make your gift the most incredible of the baptism gifts that the earth is ever seen.

Luckily for you, you clicked in the right place, welcome to the site which proposes to you to offer the most fabulous gifts of baptism.

Your gift is for a little boy or girl, you are lucky, the gift we offer will provide the same joy, girl or boy. offers to baptize a star, a real star in the sky. The star baptism! What is it ?

It all begins with the ICR (International Celestial Repertory) in 1980, the American register proposes to record and retain each star baptism. Nothing more was needed for the star baptism to become the symbolic gift that thousands of people offer around the world to celebrate a unique being or to mark the memory of a happy day like the baptism of a child .