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You will attend the wedding of a very close friend or that of a member of your family and you wish to immortalize this marriage quite exceptional for you.

It’s been days since you’ve been searching tirelessly for the famous idea that will allow you to offer the most beautiful wedding gifts immaginable. You are at the right place
Place, proposes to you to baptize a real star in the sky and to receive a magnificent gift box containing the certificate of your baptism

It was in 1980 that the International Celestial Repertory was founded, the ICR has since allowed anyone in the world to baptize a star in the constellation
Of his choice.

The star baptism has become a gift that thousands of people offer themselves to say how much they love each other.

Immortalize the marriage of one of your loved ones by baptizing a star. The bride and groom will be able to relive each evening this milestone of their life.
The most beautiful gift for a wedding