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Discover a very symbolic gift to offer at a baptism. A gift whose symbolism and emotional impact will be unrivaled.

Know that since 1980 it has become possible for any individual in the world to baptize a star, a star in the sky and in the constellation of his choice.

It was in 1980 that the ICR (International Celestial Repertory), the American organization responsible for the registration of star baptisms, was born and allowed anyone to baptize a star with the name of his choice. Once you have baptized, you will receive at your place a gift box containing the certificate of your star’s baptism.

Since then, star baptism has become a symbolic gift that thousands of people are offering around the world. Star Baptism is a declaration of love.

The star baptism is an original and symbolic gift that you can offer in order to immortalize a day as unique and important as the baptism of a child.