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You will soon ask for your companion  in engagement, he or she is love of your life and you want to share it with him.
You have already prepared everything in your head, you only need the small gift accompanying your request in engagement. For this special gift,
You want to find a gift that truly marks that magical moment in which you ask her to share your life.

Not always easy to find the perfect gift that will meet all your expectations, but on, you are in the right place and you finally
Found the perfect gift to accompany your request.

The star baptism, you know, is undoubtedly the most romantic gift of the world. Thanks to the ICR, International Celestial Repertory and since 1980,
It became possible for anyone to baptize a real star in the sky.

The ICR is the US registry responsible for issuing star baptism certificates. Baptizing a star has become a very romantic gift throughout the world.

For your betrothal, baptizing a star will testify to the power of your love and commitment. It will finally be the eternal memory of that magical moment during which you have asked for the hand of the love of your life.