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Not always simple to do in originality for gifts, not simple to find the right gift idea, personal gift, symbolic gift, gift
Which will please the person who is going to receive it. A special gift for every occasion … Not always simple to know how to make pleasure, it is an art.But this time, you have no excuse, you just discovered the most incredible gift of the world, the star baptism. Do you know star baptism?Star Baptism was born in the United States in 1980 with the ICR (International Celestial Repertory), the American Star Baptism Register, every baptized star is
Registered in the register of the ICR which issues in exchange for this baptism, an official certificate of the baptized star.

Your star baptism certificate includes the astronomical coordinates of your star, the name you chose, the constellation in which you
Decided that your star should be located as well as the date you chose for baptism.

This document comes quickly to you in an elegant gift box, because star baptism has become the most original and unique gift that thousands of
People offer each year to celebrate their love or immortalize a unique day for them.

Offering a star baptism to celebrate the baptism of a little boy, will immortalize forever this unique and special day for him.