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You will attend the baptism of a little boy of 1 year and for this baptism so special for you, you want to offer this little boy a gift entirely
Exceptional and symbolic.You may be the father, mother of this little boy, or you are his uncle or aunt, grandmother or grandfather, godfather or godmother. In all
Case you have a strong and unique bond with this little boy of 1 year who will be baptized.To immortalize the unique day of his baptism you are looking for a unique baptismal gift that will be the eternal memory of the day of his baptism.

Discover a very unique & original gift, the star baptism. Do you know star baptism? It was in 1980 under the impetus of the United States and
The creation of the International Celestial Repertory that this star baptism was made possible.

The ICR is the American register of star baptism, every star baptized in the world is kept in this register and the person who baptizes a star
Receives the certificate of star baptism with the name chosen for the star, its astronomical coordinates and the date of the baptism.

The star baptism certificate is received in an elegant gift box to offer on the day of baptism.

Baptizing a star is a very symbolic gift and the only gift that will accompany this little boy for all his life.