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You will attend a baptism, a baptism is a special day, a day out of time and a little magical. You wish that to perfect the magic of this wonderful day, your gift of baptism is as magical as the atmosphere that will reign.

Discover a simply magical baptism gift and in more ways than one, the star baptism, the baptism of a star, your star, the one you will offer as a baptism gift.

To understand what star baptism is, you have to go back to 1980, when the ICR, the International Celestial Repertory,
The US Register of Star Baptism Registration. Since then any person in the world can register the baptism of its star with the ICR

You can choose the constellation in which the star will be located, the name of the star in the ICR register and the date of your baptism.
You will then receive at your home an elegant box containing the certificate of the baptism of your star.

Since then, star baptism has become a gift, a magical and symbolic gift that thousands of people offer each year to celebrate a unique person,
Or a magical moment as is a baptism.

If you too wish to offer a magic gift to immortalize a baptism, do not hesitate, baptize a star and be sure to offer the most magical baptism gift of the world