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Baptism is a very special and exceptional day, a very symbolic day for a little child and his parents. You will attend a baptism ceremony and you want to associate yourself fully with the joy and happiness of this shared moment.

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve been looking for a gift idea that will really touch the hearts of the little boy’s baptized parents. You have
Reviewed all possible gifts to offer for a baptism, curb chain, children’s clothing, toys, jewelry etc etc and nothing really convinced you.

Rest assured, you are in the right place to discover the most original baptismal gift to offer to immortalize the baptism of a little boy.

Do you know star baptism? You will love, since 1980, you can baptize a real star in the sky and choose his name, actually.
The international Celestial Repertory will record your baptism and you will receive a certificate of the baptism of your star, with the name you have chosen, the constellation
In which you wish to locate it and the date you will have chosen for your baptism.

The certificate arrives in an elegant gift box. Baptizing a star is an act of love that thousands of people do every year. Stars are
Baptized for many occasions: birth or baptism of a child, marriage or engagement.

Baptize a star in the name of the child who is baptized and be sure to offer him a very symbolic gift that will accompany him all his life.