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You are the godfather of a little boy or a little girl, the day of his baptism is going to be a magical day to mark with a white stone and whose memory
Will enchant your everyday life.

You know what your role is during the ceremony and at the reception of the baptism, everything is ready, even your speech. You are happy to have been chosen
As godfather, what a better role to play than that of accompanying your godson step by step in his path of life.

You have everything planned for the day of baptism, but you are still missing the gift of baptism, the original gift that will mark your entry in the club of sponsors;

How about offering a gift of baptism that is a true declaration of love; The star baptism is one of the most symbolic gifts.

For a godfather to offer a star baptism to his godson on the day of his baptism will testify to your presence alongside this child.