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International Celestial Repertory

Registre officiel d’identification des étoiles

Official star identification record
The names of the stars and their telescopic coordinates are recorded at the U.S.A. and then kept in the coffers of the International Celestial Repertory

Created in 1980

For 30 years now, any individual in the world can, through the I.C.R., Decide a name and ask that it be attributed to a star.

Each baptized star is unique and clearly identified

Each star baptized has its own identity card which allows you to know perfectly the characteristics of this star and locate it easily in the sky

stardust and magic in your hands

Visible stars

You name a star that can be seen in the sky and locate yourself with the card contained in your gift box.

Every night, the loved one to whose you gave the name of the star will know how unique it is to you.


The choice of constellation

To make this gift even more personalized and increase its symbolism, you can choose the constellation in which the named star will be located.

A shared emotion

It is a gift full of love, friendship, affection.

The person who receives this gift will remember this particular moment whenever she looks at heaven for the rest of her life.

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