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Gift cards International Celestial Repertory




Gift cards International Celestial Repertory ?

International Celestial Repertory gift cards allow you to offer a star naming to the person of your choice.

You offer an original and unique gift.

You create your card and gift according to your wishes

Order one of our 4 Star Naming Gift Cards

Let the person to whom the star is dedicated do it on her own

Birth, Baptism
Birthday of a child

Wedding, Valentine's Day

Pleasure to offer-Christmas - Anniversary-Mothers' Day

Immortalize the memory of a missing person

I order a gift card


You personalize your card, and quickly receive it by mail.

You can choose to send the card with a personalized message to the person you want to surprise.

You customize your card by adding options if you wish:

Frame, jewelry, that the beneficiary of the card will receive with its box.

The person of your choice will be able to connect to the site and baptize its star by choosing its constellation and its date of baaptism.

She will then receive at home her box including:

A certificte of registration of the star baptized with the International Celestial Repertory
The map of the sky to locate your star

This gift will amaze the person you want

I received a gift card

You will be able to baptize a star in your name.

Your map allows you to choose a constellation in which a star will be baptized in the name you want.

After personalization of your box on our site, you will receive your gift.

By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to the page of this box, page on which you will be able to personalize your star.

You will also be able to personalize even more the gift received by options that you can add.
These options may already have been included in your gift card, in which case it will have been indicated on it.

Fill in your selection and enter your promo code (shown on the map).

Let yourself be guided and receive your gift box in a few days.