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Name your star in the constellation
of your choice


An even more personalized gift

International Celestial Repertory allows you to personalize your gift even more, offering you the possibility to choose your constellation in each of our boxes (except the "My Star box")

How to choose his constellation ?

Personalize according to the sign of the zodiac

Choose the constellation corresponding to the sign of the zodiac of the person to whom you want to make pleasure in order to make the gift even more unique

Personalize according to a characteristic of the person

Features the strength for the constellation of Hercules, the purity of a child through the constellation of the Dove.

Compared to its ease of location in the sky

The best known as the small and large bear easily recognizable to their shape.

Our astrological sign is determined by our date of birth

Constellation of Aries From 21/03 to 21/04
Constellation of the Taurus From 21/04 to 21/05
Constellation of Gemini From 21/05 to 21/06
Constellation of Cancer From 21/06 to 23

Constellation of the Lion From 23/07 to 23/08
Constellation of the Virgin From 23/08 ay 23/09
Constellation of the Libra From 23/09 to 23/10
Constellation of the Scorpion From 23/10 to 22/11

Constellation of the Sagittarius From 22/11 to 21/12
Constellation of Capricorn From 21/12 to 20/01
Constellation of Aquarius From 20/01 to 19/02
Fish Constellation From 19/02 to 21/03


Choose your star