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Astrology concept. Constellations on night sky. Silhouettes of astrologers observing zodiac constellation.

Who are we ?

International Celestial Repertory offers you a star baptism.

For more than 30 years, star naming allows each star to receive the name of a defined person.

We offer a professional package designed especially for the needs of companies, and adapted on a case by case basis according to your needs.

What is our professional pack?

We professional pack includes the baptism of a star.

You receive a personalized gift card on behalf of your company.

This gift card will allow the person of your choice to baptise a star on our site

The latter will receive our box, including:

-the certificate of baptism

-A map of the sky ...

Christmas background with open golden box with stars and confetti

For you and your customers

Through a unique and original gift card, you reward your customers.

For the FIDELIZATION of your customers: you wish to thank your customers, loyalty, seek a recommendation, be original and offer them a luxurious gift

To differentiate yourself from your competitors: You want to offer a service that your colleagues do not have, you differentiate in an efficient and original way.

TO COMMUNICATE DIFFERENTLY: You organize an event, want to set up a marketing operation, develop yourself commercially, you are looking for an axis of communication, an exceptional endowment.

To highlight your CREATION COMMITTEE: You want to offer a gift to your employees or give them the opportunity to access an original gift choice.

How to proceed

On request, we will work with you to find the solution that best suits your needs and send you a personalized estimate.

You can order the number of gift cards you want, these will be personalized on behalf of your company.

You can also become a reseller for Etoilez-moi, contact us to exchange on this subject, several formulas can be offer.

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