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What is star naming ?
The "star naming" is the possibility for a person to give a name to a star, symbolic name or real name.

This baptism is realized on a precise, localized star. It is registered with an international registry.

What is the International Register of Stars ?
Every naming performed on is registered with the International Celestial Repertory, American Register.

Since 1979, its vocation is to record and archive star naming.

How to name a star ?
Discover one of our gift boxes and gift cards and personalize your baptism by giving us the name you want given to the star, the desired constellation, as well as the date of the desired baptism (this may be a symbolic date for you )

You will then receive your box in your home within a few days.

What's in our boxes ?
Each of our boxes contains two essential elements:

A certificate of your naming star
A map of the sky or appears the star named

These elements make it possible to keep in memory this exceptional gift and to admire your star.

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