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Terms of Sales

§1 General observation

1 Via the website, the seller offers the symbolic property of a star through a certificate. The general conditions of use of this service apply to all business relationships established between the seller and the customer. 2 Any natural person who has placed an order that is not part of his commercial or liberal professional activity is considered to be a "consumer" within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions. Within the meaning of these Terms and Conditions, any natural or legal person who has placed an order and who has acted in the framework of and on behalf of his professional or professional activity is considered a "professional". The term "customer" may refer to both a consumer and a professional. 3 Individual contractual agreements take precedence over these general conditions of sale of the company. All our deliveries, services and offers are exclusively governed by the present GTC, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. 4 The general conditions of the undertaking in its version applicable at the time of conclusion of the contract shall apply. 5 This text shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with French laws

§2 Performance

1 The "star naming" as proposed by the seller will be entered in a private star register. There will not be an official name. The "symbolic star name" given via the "star baptism" will not be officially inscribed on the sky maps or scientific catalogs. The customer can not acquire any ownership rights in the star or on his Name or designation The vendor provides symbolic names (the name of the star) for certain stars that are selected by the customer.2 The same stars may be named several times by the seller as it is forbidden to compare The vendor reserves the right to name stars several times, and the Seller makes no warranty that a certain star has ever been named by another supplier and Does not give the guarantee that a star will not be renamed in the future. Therefore, the possibility that a star may be "symbolically named" several times by different providers must be Be taken into consideration. 3 The servive purchased by the customer via his order consists of a presentation folder with several printed pages.

§3 The formation of the contract

1 The offers of the seller are subject to change and are not contractual. The products ordered may differ slightly from the products displayed on the internet for technical reasons of display. There may be differences in color. 2 The customer's order must be made via the online form. By making the online order, the customer accepts at the same time the terms of the contract of sale. The seller will acknowledge receipt of your order by a confirmation of order sent as quickly as possible by e-mail to the address that you have indicated. The confirmation of receipt does not constitute a firm acceptance of the order. The sales contract can only be validated by the order confirmation, but only when sending the confirmation of dispatch or delivery of the goods 3 The seller has five working days. To accept the offer from the customer. If the seller delivers the goods during this two week period, this is equivalent to an acceptance of the order. The seller is entitled to refuse the order, for example during the examination of the solvency of the customer.

§4 Retention and Withdrawal

1 The seller retains ownership of the goods until full payment of the purchase price. 2 The seller is entitled to terminate the contract and demand the return of the goods if the customer breaks the contract, for example in the event of non-payment, false information provided by the customer in respect of his solvency, Insolvency proceedings against the client's assets.

§5 Payment

1 The price is mandatory. This is the final price expressed in Euros, all taxes included at the legal rate in force. 2 Shipping costs are payable in addition to production costs. These additional costs are clearly stated during the purchase procedure. 3 In case of invoice payment, the customer is obliged to pay the total within 14 days.

§6 Payment options and shipping costs

1 The customer can pay his order by credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. The seller reserves the right to exclude individual forms of payment. 2 Payment of the purchase price will be due upon acceptance of the contract. Shipping will only be made when the invoice amount is fully transferred to the seller's bank account.

§7 Delivery

1 We ship worldwide

§8 Transfer of risks

1 The delivery of the goods will be at the expense of the seller. If you are a consumer, the transfer of the risks (loss or deterioration of the goods) takes place at the time of delivery of the products to the delivery address you have provided. 2 If the ordered products are not delivered on time or if the delivery can no longer be insured by the seller and despite the prior formation of a sales contract between the seller and the buyer, the seller must immediately inform the customer. In such a case of delayed delivery, the customer will have the option of waiting for the goods ordered or cancel the contract of sale. If delivery is impossible, both parties will have the right to terminate the contract. In case of cancellation of the contract, the products must be refunded without delay.

§9 Warranty

1 The goods delivered may differ slightly from the goods displayed on the Internet. Please take note of § 3 no. 1 sentence 2 of these general conditions of sale of the company. 2 The seller does not assume any guarantee in the legal sense of the term towards the customer.

§10 Limitation of Liability

1 The seller shall not be liable for the non-performance of his obligations as a result of simple negligence as soon as the said infringement is not related to his contractual obligations or guarantees or does not cause damage to the life, body or the health. Material contractual obligations will be mandated to fulfill the objective of the contract. 2 To the extent that the seller is also liable for simple negligence, liability is limited to foreseeable damages and stipulated in the contract. 3 To the extent that the seller's liability is excluded or limited, such exclusion or limitation also applies to the liability of the legal representatives, employees and agents of the seller. 4 The vendor can not be held responsible for the operation of data networks, servers or data representations of its data centers and the availability of its online store. 5 The seller can not be held responsible for the content on the site of his online shop. If certain links provide access to other sites, the seller is not responsible for any third party content found on these sites. It does not accept any responsibility for this third party content. If the seller is notified of illegal content on these external sites, he will have to block access to these pages without delay.

§11 Data Protection

1 The seller uses the data provided by the customer in accordance with the provisions of the French law on data protection. 2 The personal data will be used only for the purposes of execution of the contract concluded between the seller and the customer, billing for example. In addition, the data can also be used for advertising purposes, market research or introductory offers from the seller.

§12 Modification of the general conditions of sale

1 The seller reserves the right to modify the general conditions of the company at any time, subject to a reasonable period of notice of at least two weeks. The notification must be made by the publication of the amended general conditions and the conditions of activity and the date of entry into force on the site. 2 If the customer does not object within these two weeks, the modified general conditions and the conditions of activity will be considered as accepted.

§13 Final conditions

1 It is French law that applies, as the use of the United Nations Convention on the law applicable to contracts for the international sale of goods is excluded. The application of mandatory provisions arising from the laws of the state in which the client resides should not be affected by this choice of law. 2 If the client is a professional, a legal entity of public law or a body governed by public law, all disputes or claims relating to this contract shall be submitted to the exclusive competence of the Tribe